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Control Termites By Eliminating Dead Wood In Your Yard And Keeping Plants Away From Your Foundation

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It's scary to think of termites infesting your home and causing extensive damage without you knowing it. However, that can easily happen when you have termites on your property. The surest way to gain protection from termites and their destructive ways is to work with a pest control company that provides termite monitoring and treatments. Besides that, there are plenty of things you can do to make your yard and home less attractive to the pests. If you don't draw them to your yard, they might not infest your house. Here are some termite control steps to try.

Maintain A Border Around Your House

Keep a space several inches wide around the perimeter of your house. Even keep mulch away unless you're using gravel or other synthetic material. Termites love old wood, so mulch will attract them close to your house if you use wood mulch around foundation plants.

Also, keep plants away from your house too. One reason for this is to keep the area closest to your house in the sun if possible. Termites don't like the sun. In fact, subterranean termites make their own mud tunnels to travel through so they can avoid the sun.

Keep Wood Things Away From The Walls

As long as termites have decayed wood to travel through, they can climb up it and then get in a rotted window frame or find other easy access to your house. To be safe, keep flower boxes, wood edging, trellises, and firewood stacks away from the side of your house. If you want flower boxes or other types of yard decor near your house, buy plastic versions so termites won't be interested in them.

When you keep clutter and decor away from the walls and create a clear border around the foundation, the only thing your house touches should be the soil. This restricts access for termites, and it also makes them easy to spot since they'll have to build mud tunnels to move across your concrete foundation.

Get Rid Of Decaying Wood In Your Yard

If you have an old tree stump close to your house, it may be time to think about having it ground away so it won't attract termites during the years it takes for the stump to decay. Also, pick up tree branches when they fall and dispose of them so they don't stay in the grass and provide food for termites. In addition, if you trim branches when doing yard work, be sure to haul off the branches and limbs soon rather than let them sit in your yard. To learn more about controlling termites, reach out to a company such as Clean Well.